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“Gamers Edge” eyewear line is a set of glasses that do things not unlike a pair of Gunnar Optiks. They’re coated in a special orange colored coating that is said to improve the crispness and sharpness of text, reduce eye strain and fatigue, and improve your gameplay.

Basically, they’re yellow glasses.

And oddly enough, they work wonders. A part of me scoffed when I first happened upon them, and I immediately branded them as Gunnar rip-offs, which, but I pressed on and figured I’d try a pair, simply because I couldn’t justify paying almost a hundred dollars for a pair of authentic Gunnars. When they arrived at my door around a week later, I was kind of embarrassed to own them. The packaging looked childish and over the top, and the glasses themselves – a pair of aviators – felt cheap and flimsy.

Man, do I look like all kinds of an ass in aviators.

I put my contacts in, sat down, and got to gaming. I didn’t notice anything at first; everything just had this odd tint about it, kind of like it was all slightly off-colored. I played for a few hours, and then it hit me. I took them off and everything looked so… bright! It wasn’t a good thing. I had become so accustom to these glasses that even reading without them was a chore, it felt like the color white was abnormal, and everything was supposed to have a white tint. This is when I realized how much I loved these things, I’d been playing significantly better all day, and while all the colors had that odd orange tint, I no long noticed it. This is achieved by not making everything a different color, simply by making the colors less harsh, as they put it.

The moral of that story is that while it takes time to adjust to the glasses, they really do work wonders, which surprised me. While I don’t wear them as often as I’d like simply due to the fact that I’m too lazy to wear my contacts, I wish I could. Reading, writing, gaming, and everything else become much easier with them on.

Unfortunately, I can’t give these glasses a complete 10/10. They often felt flimsy, cheaply made, and like they’d break in half if I pulled them off too fast. The entire thing is made of a hard plastic – not metal – that bends more then you’d expect out of a nice pair of shades. While Gamers Edge Advanced Eyewear Glasses do their job, they don’t feel like something you should be paying an entire 40 dollars for… but wait!

The great people from VC Eyewear have given us a little something for you. If you like what you’ve read here and would like to purchase a pair of Gamers Edge glasses, but don’t like paying that full 40 dollars for them, then enter promo code LevelSave during checkout and you’ll be greeted with a crisp 20% off your order, bringing them down to a more reasonable $32, this promo code won’t expire for a whole year and is good on the entire store, so hit the link and get shopping!

VCEyewear – Gamers Edge




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