Dollar Dash – Grab Cash and Take Down

7.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 6/10
Sound: 7/10

The game plays well and is fast paced. It's light-hearted style is endearing and adds to the fun.

Online community is a bit small as the game just released but is constantly growing.

dollar dash 1

Dollar Dash, developed by Kalypso Media, is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) twin stick shooter where a group of lowly thieves fight for supremacy while looting the most cash.   There are three game modes, each with a different objective to be the top burglar of the match.

- “Save the Safe” is a king of the hill type game mode where each player battles for a safe.  Carrying the safe grants cash to the player.  The player that controls the safe the longest earns the most money and reaches the goal limit.

- “Hit’n’Run” is death-match style where money is awarded for knocking out other players.  Chaos ensues as players attempt to take each other down.

- “Dollar Dash” spawns money bags which players collect to deposit in the getaway vehicle.  Players can attack each other and loot cash from their opponents and minimize their cash deposits.  Players battle as they wait to deposit their money since the getaway van shows up periodically throughout the game.

Dollar Dash features a cartoonish over the top style to its graphics and gameplay.  The weapons are zany and range from tazers, fireworks and potted cacti to giant rolling boulders, oil slicks and bear traps.  Weapons and other items are picked up throughout the match.  Primary and secondary weapons as well as utility items are at the player’s disposal to try and dominate their competition.  As cash is accrued, perks and other customizable options are unlocked.  Avatar customization items include face items, hair/hats, taunts and victory dances.  Perks include increased tazer range, immunity to fire, faster rockets/fireworks, etc.

dollar dash 2

The maps or arenas are quite varied with hazards unique to each.  Some have destructible walls, enabling quicker access to specific parts of the maps.  “Crossroads” for instance has trucks running through the street that will drop money.  Getting run over by a truck though will knock the player out and dump out all the cash in their bag.  “The Museum” on the other hand has alarms and guards that will shoot from perches at thieves in their line of sight once an alarm has been triggered.

Overall Dollar Dash is pretty fun with tight game mechanics over the top weapons and gameplay.  The online experience has been really smooth in my experience with little to no lag.  If you’re looking for a competitive but light hearted competitive multiplayer experience, Dollar Dash is a great game.


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