Playstation 3 Reviews

God of War: Ascension – Kratos Is Back, But Is He Better Than Ever? ()
July 15, 2013 -

The mighty Spartan warrior Kratos has returned! This time however, he is not on a warpath to exact revenge and… Read More »

Doom 3 BFG Edition – Big F’ing Game (, , )
July 13, 2013 -

Doom 3 is back and it is better than ever. Now completely re-mastered for the 20th anniversary of the series,… Read More »

Hotline Border
Hotline Miami – Call Me Deadly (, , )
July 3, 2013 -

Hotline Miami is a fantastic blast from an imagined past and I honestly couldn’t recommend it more. With an insanely immersive soundtrack that demands headphones and gameplay that defines hardcore, this is one of the best indie releases in recent years. I’d go as far to say that the Vita version is the definitive version of the game and at only $10 will feel right at home in your bloody little mitts.

last of us box art
The Last of Us – A Breath-Taking Survival Thriller ()
June 24, 2013 -

The Last of Us may well be the pinnacle of this generation’s games. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever laid eyes on, and in so many ways. It transcends everything that previous Naughty Dog games have been and is maybe, in some respects, what they’ve tried to be. The story that the Last of Us tells isn’t necessarily a new story, especially in movies, but it is a new perspective. Never before in this sort of tale does the viewer, or in this case player, become so intimately intertwined with the two main protagonists.

Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall – Greatness Unsheathed (, , )
May 8, 2013 -

Your target is a wealthy aristocrat and owner of a lucrative whaling business. He’s not a problem to you, just… Read More »

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon – Mark IV Style (, , )
May 8, 2013 -

  Yeah, sure, Far Cry 3’s crazy drugbender island adventure was great, but where were the lasers? Blood Dragon answers… Read More »

mlb 13 cover
MLB 13: The Show – So Real, it’s Sabermetrics ()
April 22, 2013 -

MLB 13 The Show is one of the best sports games out there. It pays tribute to the history of the game and simulates baseball so perfectly. It’s the only baseball game you should ever think about purchasing.

Dead Island Riptide Review: A Zom-B-Game At Its Finest (, , )
April 22, 2013 -

It is impossible to explain what Dead Island: Riptide is, without first explaining what the original Dead Island was, and… Read More »

Guacamelee! – EnchiLato’ Fun (, , )
April 9, 2013 -

Guacamelee aspires to be Mexatroid. Does it live up to these spicy expectations, yes, or jalapeNo?

Bioshock Infinite – A New Classic (, , )
April 3, 2013 -

You find yourself on a boat in the middle of nowhere, with a solitary man rowing and a solitary woman, clearly acting… Read More »