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Rotalla – Not Super Hexagon ()
March 15, 2013 -

Rotolla is a quick paced puzzle game with a very easy-to-grasp concept. The layout is a large hexagon with sever… Read More »

Pangolin – Not a Dinosaur ()
March 5, 2013 -

Pangolin is a quirky puzzle platformer from the team over at Feedtank. Pangolin has you controlling a little dinosaur through… Read More »

Survivor Z Logo
Survivor Z – The People It Kills Get up and Kill ()
February 25, 2013 -

Survivor Z is the latest title from the creators of the zombie survival simulator “ZDay”. Survivor Z has the same… Read More »

Stick Streets – A One Way Street of Lame ()
February 18, 2013 -

Stick Streets is a game similar to many games I have played before. It is a side scroller where you… Read More »

BoH icon
Book of Heroes – Pocket MMORPG ()
January 22, 2013 -

Book of Heroes changed my mind about the kind of potential mobile games have.

Zen Pinball 2: Marvel Civil War Table – Ding Ding Ding! (, , , , )
December 5, 2012 -

To much fan delight another Marvel table has been produced by the fine folks over at Zen Studios. The inspiration… Read More »

Need for Speed Most Wanted – A Mashup in Paradise (, , , )
November 19, 2012 -

Criterion captures the spirit of the original title while leaving their unique mark. It feels uncannily like a Burnout Paradise sequel and I’m sure that was intentional. It’s a very fun racer.

Splice Strand 2
Splice – Mad Scientist at Play (, )
November 18, 2012 -

Splice is a unique puzzle game from indie developer Cipher Prime. It provides surprising depth to a simple yet creative concept where strands of nodes have to be redistributed to solve the puzzle.

fantasy_conflict box art
Fantasy Conflict – Device throwing iOS strategy game ()
October 18, 2012 -

I crave the challenge of a strategy game, the need to out think your opponent, stay one step ahead and… Read More »

Death Rally Boxart
Death Rally – More like Grind Rally… Amirite? (, )
August 16, 2012 -

An old school-style isometric racing/vehicular shooter with badass controls and fast-paced, fun gameplay? Hell yes!