Masthead is an independent gaming news and reviews site. We’ve been around since June 2011 and aren’t leaving anytime soon, so stay awhile and listen.

Where we differ from other sites is our editorials. We try to make it a point to give our readers something entertaining to read other than the “Top Ten” or any of the other overdone features on other sites. We’re a a group of friends who have met over Twitter talking about what we love, video games. Join the conversation.

We live and breathe gaming, like you. We’re your friends, your co-workers and your family. And we do it all, for the love of the game.

Barry Villatoro – Editor-in-Chief

A few years ago Barry was robbed. The ruffians stole his Xbox and left him with no games to play. As a substitute, he picked up listening to several gaming podcasts. While living vicariously through the dulcet tones of everyone from Joystiq to IGN, he had an idea.

“Why don’t I just make a website?”

And so LevelSave was born. It has changed much since its inception but one thing has always remained the same. It was started because Barry loved games, and continues because we all love games too. |

Austin Griffith – Reviews Manager

Austin started here at the mere age of 15. His writing has improved dramatically since then, if not always by force. He has been called a fanboy, stubborn, and rash, but most of us just call him friend. Austin can be seen breaking news, bragging about his Netflix article, and devouring Batman Comics by the armload.

He has a list of games that need reviewing and doles them out with extreme prejudice. If you have a game you want us to review then shoot him an email. However, unsolicited review copies are not guaranteed a review.

“Hey Chris, say you love me.”

Chris Lock – Editor

Chris can be sometimes hard to deal with because he can not speak any language known to human kind. Most of the time his messages have to be interpreted by an ancient shaman, but occasionally a strung out hippie will do the trick. A father and husband, he loves puns, Pokemon, and genuinely thinks Bubsy 3D is a good game.

“Guys, we are going to make LevelSave a thing. Like a thing that people talk about and love.” |

My Hours:
Taryn Beach – Editor

No, you don’t know smack about Mass Effect son! Taryn is an extremely passionate nerd who, once she is into something, is really into it. This includes Mass Effect, things with engines, and most Playstation titles. She is also a great friend who will be there for anyone in need. On the flip side of that, she does not put up with ignorance or bigotry and will hit you with a logic train so fast your grandmother will feel it.

Taryn also has more pop culture cred than the entire crew combined. So there’s that.

“Just do you.” |

Matt Curione – Editor

Hailing from the great state of New Jersey, Matt began gaming at a young age on a hand-me-down Atari 2600. A few years later the Sega Genesis was released and his head almost exploded! From that point forward a controller was always in his hands and adventure in his brain.

Nowadays he splits his time between his insane collection of consoles and handhelds with barely a spare moment for anything else. Always down to discuss the latest game or a retro treasure, find him on Twitter @TheRealMattC

James Pope – Editor

When we found James he was a lonely shell of a man. He denied this with every ounce of his being saying things like “I have a job and a girlfriend” and “Please just leave me alone!” So to give his life meaning we put him in charge of news. He consistantly cranks out all sorts of things you have probably not heard about. He is a big Mass Effect fan and generally a great guy to be around.

If you have a news tip be sure to send him an email. Press that send button with love.

“Oh, really?” |

Kenny Rioux – Editor

Kenny has a sensual voice that would melt angels into a precious goo. Which is great because LevelSave relies heavily on selling Angel Goo to wandering alchemists. Kenny writes about lots of things but will blow your mind away with the amount of American politics and Metal Gear Solid he has crammed in his noggin. Kenny is also a very straight forward and analytical person who has no problem jumping into any debate with an open mind.

“This is Nixon here. What do you want?!” |

Raven Poplar – Editor

Raven came from the inky depths booming and without warning. He then proceeded to play the most obscure indie games imaginable. Well, they may not be that obscure, but they sure confound most of the LevelSave editors. When not caring deeply for his family, Raven can be seen lurking in dark alleyways, stalking game developers in Canada. |

Adam Shear – Contributing Writer

Adam writes for us much less than we would like him to. This is what happens when you do that whole “college” thing. When not growing into his own, he can be found enjoying Nintendo games, regardless of the current internet consensus.

Karley Campbell – Contributing Writer

Karley is much to modest for her own good. Often asking if she did something right when, upon inspection, she did it amazingly. She has taken up cosplaying and hopes to share some of her tips and tricks with you.

“Austin, shut up!”