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By James Pope, October 31, 2012 0 News

Current character data for Final Fantasy XIV Onlines current version will be saved for the last time on October 31st and will be making way for A Realm Reborn to take center stage. November 11th will be the day players… Read More »

By Barry Villatoro, October 31, 2012 0 News

I’m sure everyone has heard of Hurricane Sandy and even if you were living under a rock, I’m sure Sandy has blown this rock away and you now know. With many people scrambling around trying to figure out how they… Read More »

By Barry Villatoro, October 31, 2012 0 News, Video

What’s more nerve racking, demons or monsters? In Outlast, you play as journalist Miles Upshur, as he acts on a tip about Murkoff Asylum. What he finds there may me one in the same. Murkoff Asylum was at one time,… Read More »

By Taryn Beach, October 31, 2012 0 News

Lucius, a 3D adventure game, is developed by Shiver Games and involves a child that is supposedly the son of Satan.  Born on June 6, 1966, Lucious grows up very normal enjoying the extreme wealth of his parents.  It all… Read More »

By Barry Villatoro, October 30, 2012 0 News

EDF2017 is still the third-person shooter many fans have come to love, now with added features as it arrives on the Vita this winter. These new features include online co-op, PvP online modes, a new character in Pale Wing and… Read More »

By Austin Griffith, October 30, 2012 0 News

Rockstar has just confirmed to the world that it’s next blockbuster title will be hitting store shelves in Spring of 2013. “Grand Theft Auto V builds on everything we’ve learned about open world game design, we can’t wait to share… Read More »

By Chris Lock, October 30, 2012 90 Editorials, Features

It is no secret that I did not enjoy, and even disliked, Batman Arkham City. It just seemed to be lacking some spark that the original, Arkham Asylum, had. I could not understand why everyone else lauded over Arkham City… Read More »

By Austin Griffith, October 29, 2012 0 News

Ubisoft’s next blockbuster in the Assassins Creed series released today. Gear up to tomahawk some redcoats as Connor in their biggest franchise to date! If you haven’t already, pick up Assassin’s Creed 3 on Amazon. Related Posts Ubisoft gives us… Read More »

By Chris Lock, October 28, 2012 0 F’in Saved

So after a month hiatus F’in saved is “back.” By that I mean it will be coming as much as I can make it. As you all probably know most of the team is obsessed with zombies. We often discuss… Read More »

By Austin Griffith, October 25, 2012 2 Editorials, Features

Warning: The following will be completely laced with spoilers from Gearbox’s Borderlands 2. I’m not talking minor plot points, I mean full-blown end of the game story details and the complete shebang. This is in no way a review of… Read More »