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By Austin Griffith, July 31, 2012 10 Giveaway

Anyone? Do you? No? I mean, I can just keep it… but, no, here take it! Just enter below! This is sure to be the envy of all your friends, so get all your entries in while you can! a… Read More »

By James Pope, July 31, 2012 0 News

The latest developer diary is here and this time things are getting explosive.  This being the final developer diary the team has sent QA Daniel Martin is discussing weaponry and gameplay. There are a litany of new weapons to go… Read More »

By Chris Lock, July 29, 2012 1 F’in Saved

Sometimes the parameters at which I allow myself to operate in can by quite a hindrance. For example, the Retro Lancer you see in the last panel. For the sake of consistency all of the characters are created in a… Read More »

By Kenny Rioux, July 28, 2012 0 News

Assassin’s Creed, as a series, have always had an interestingly crafted story with interesting characters. The stories, set in the backdrop of the 12th century, Renaissance Italy, and with Assassin’s Creed 3 taking place in the Revolutionary War, all the… Read More »

By Barry Villatoro, July 27, 2012 1 News

Hey everyone, we’re back and slightly depressed. Well Chris was depressed. Anyways, we talk about nothing of course. Thankfully some awesome listeners sent in some more questions. Zombies, Strongville, magic, and other nonsense is discussed in depth on this show…. Read More »

By Raven Poplar, July 27, 2012 0 News

So you, as a savvy reader, may have noticed that last week’s Steamfeed feature was missing. Don’t fret, we haven’t cancelled it, it’s just that during the week-long Summer Sale they, the glorious masters of the leading digital distribution platform,… Read More »

By Chris Lock, July 26, 2012 0 News

Raiden is, has been, and always will be the coolest character in the Metal Gear Solid series. If you need some proof, just watch this trailer. Didn’t I tell you? Related Posts Review: Octodad: Dadliest Catch on PS4 – Funny… Read More »

By Kenny Rioux, July 26, 2012 0 News

Boxer, Fruit Dealer, iMMvp. These names may not resonate with the majority of regular people, but for those of you who like Starcraft 2,you will be able to see the best of the best battle for ultimate Starcraft supremacy. This… Read More »

By Kosachan, July 25, 2012 0 News

Finally! A Release date for the fourth expansion of WoW has arrived! Mists of Pandaria will be release on September 25. The fourth expansion brings tides of war to the shores of a long-lost continent. The game will be available… Read More »

By Raven Poplar, July 25, 2012 0 News

Magrunner: Dark Pulse, a Lovecraftian 3D spacial-puzzle game in the vein of Portal has hit 80% funding on GamesPlanet Lab. 3AM Games still have about a month before the end of their funding cycle, so that’s a very positive thing…. Read More »